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Drain Cleaning Canberra are qualified plumbers who are able to attend to all aspects of drainage problems, including clearing and repairing all internal and external drains. Whether your kitchen sink is clogged or a manhole is blocked, we are only a phone call away from solving your problem with minimal fuss and mess.

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We have the right equipment to clear all drainage blockages. Tree roots are a common cause of drainage blockages. Our bulletproof machines are powerful enough to conquer even the most difficult blockages!

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Over the years, technology has come a long way and we’re taking advantage of it! Saving customers thousands, we can pinpoint drainage problems via camera!

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With the expertise of our blocked drain plumbers, we also provide drain repairs. When tree roots are involved, it’s worth it to dig up the problem and get it fixed once and for all.


Is your drainage system blocked? No problem! We’re the experts when it comes to maintenance of Canberra’s blocked drainage systems!

Our team of qualified plumbers are experienced in all aspects of drainage problems including clearing all internal and external drains. You can count on us for an efficient service whether your kitchen sink is blocked or a manhole is blocked – we will respond quickly to get you running again with minimal fuss.

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We are Drain, blocked drain, blocked toilet, and drain cleaner specialists. Did we mention that we specialize in drains?

Our blocked drains plumbers specializes in unblocking all kinds of blocked drains, these include sewage drains, storm water drains, blocked toilets, and blocked sinks. Everything drain cleaning.

Our plumbers use high pressure water jet drain cleaning equipment accredited by the industry, providing a transparent, honest and reliable service from start to finish.

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The blocked toilet is without a doubt one of the most unpleasant drainage problems you could possibly experience. Seeing water come right up to the toilet seat after flushing a blocked toilet is not something anyone wants to see, so it is essential to call Drain Cleaning Canberra as soon as the issue occurs. Plumbers at our company have the knowledge and skills along with the right tools to fix any blocked toilet and put your mind at ease.

The most common causes of blocked toilets are sanitary napkins, baby wipes, too much toilet paper, tree roots, and flushing foreign objects. You should be extremely careful about what you flush down the toilet, and ensure that solid objects are never flushed in there. These materials are extremely hard to remove, and therefore, should not be flushed into toilet drains. If you do find yourself with a blocked toilet drain, you can rest assured that Drain Cleaning Canberra can come around to your home to clear it again.

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Soap, toothpaste, hair (mainly from shaving) and other bathroom waste can eventually clog drains if you aren’t careful. These conditions can be very unpleasant, as it prevents one from doing all those essential human things, such as washing and shaving. Our blocked drain experts in Canberra have the expertise and equipment to handle even the most stubborn bathroom blocked drain, so you can rest assured we’ll resolve the matter for you in no time, so you can get back to your daily routine.

You can rest assured that no matter what the cause of your blocked basin, blocked shower, blocked bath, or blocked toilet is, we’ll be able to clear it in no time. When you call us, we assure you that all of our plumbers are well trained in every aspect of blocked drain clearing, including removing clogs from the bathroom.

An overflowing toilet or a blocked toilet can be a symptom of a blocked drain. This can be a real problem and render your bathroom unusable if the water doesn’t flush down the toilet.

Using a drain cleaner that will drive the main drains clear, a blocked drains Canberra plumber will get the job done effectively and efficiently the first time. No need to wonder about unblocking drains when you call us.

In Canberra, we are experienced and reliable plumbers who know the plumbing, drainage and pipe issues inside and out. Whenever you cannot fix the problem yourself, we will do everything in our power to help you.

The most common plumbing problem in Canberra is a blocked drain. Many people wonder how to unblock a drain. These pipes will need to be cleaned or serviced by a professional drain cleaner using equipment such as high-pressure drain cleaners or drain cleaning machines. Once our plumber has conducted a drain camera inspection of your pipes, he will recommend the best methods for cleaning your drain or sewage line.

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Whenever you’re doing the dishes or washing something, there’s nothing more frustrating than standing there and watching water that refuses to move. There are a lot of possible reasons why your kitchen sink drain has become blocked, like grease, soap, oil, food scraps, and other debris.

We can take care of all your kitchen drain problems because all of our fully qualified plumbers are trained to clear out those nasty blockages.

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Fix leaky taps immediately – this will prevent further damage to other fixtures and fittings.

Don’t use your toilet as a trash can. Flushing solid waste items [nappies, facial tissues etc.] down the toilet is a quick way to cause a blocked drain. Keep a waste bin in the bathroom and use that instead.

Running hot water in the drains on a regular basis – at least weekly – will prevent drainage blockages.

Sinks, baths, and showers should be fitted with strainers. This will prevent most debris, including matted hair or broken soap, from entering the drain. Empty the strainers every time they are full.

If you want to remove scale from a shower head, place a plastic bag filled with vinegar around the head and tie it up. This will dissolve the mineral deposit.

The best advice we can give is to ACT NOW if you suspect a drains problem. You can save yourself a lot of frustration and expense by addressing drain problems before they become serious. Get help and advice on your drain problems.

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Absolutely the best crews I have hired. I had five different pipe bursts and calcium buildup in the drainage lines. The faucets and showers were not working correctly, and your men fixed all that which is special to me. Thank you so much for solving my problems.

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It was easy making an appointment. Your guys called ahead of time to inform me when they will arrive. When they arrived, they took care of the situation and were professional in their conduct. The guys took care of the issues quickly and restored efficiency in my home. Great work guys and I appreciate your hard work. Thanks

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