Blocked drains, pipes and sewers are a very common problem. Yet most people tend to forget all about them until a major blockage occurs and they start to face the trouble and inconvenience associated with blockages. Regular cleaning and maintenance of drains is important, especially when considering that the plumbing system is subjected to all sorts of debris such as sludge, grease and soap. Whatever type of drain cleaning you might require, we can help.

As a specialist in blocked drains, our company has been of assistance to many households and companies who faced problems with their pipes, drains and sewers. Over the years we have literally seen it all! From small blockages and minimal disturbances, to major blockages which required a great deal of expertise.


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Thanks to our experience, and the utilisation of the best equipment and machines, we can clear any blockage quickly and effectively. Our specialised plumbers make use of very high pressure so as to cut through the blockage.

So if you are currently suspecting that your drains may be blocked, you need look no further. Call us for assistance, and we will be there in no time to see to your blocked drains.

Why do drains get blocked?

Blocked drains could result from residue build-up. This could include a build-up of toilet paper, hair, soap, food waste and grease. However, there could also be blocked drains as a result of other issues, such as:

  • Pipes collapse
  • Broken pipes
  • Tree roots obstruct the pipes
  • A build-up of dead leaves
  • Foreign objects that end up in the drain
  • Heavy rainfall which leads to overflowing drains
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How do you know your drains are blocked?

Blockages in drains vary in their severity. A blockage will result when one ends up being careless and does not take care what is being dumped in the drains. However, blockages can also occur over time as a result of a residue build-up, and this is normal with any drain. No matter how careful one tries to be, at some point a drain blockage is bound to occur.

It is important to act immediately, so as not to allow the blockage to become more serious. If you do not address a possible drain blockage you might end up with ulterior problems, which might also result in costly damages to your plumbing system.

Here are some things you should bear in mind, to help you realise if it is time to have your drains cleaned.

  1. Your toilet or sink may overflow
  2. You notice either slow or no drainage in your sink, toilet, bath or shower
  3. When the toilet is flushed you notice that the water level rises more than usual
  4. You start to hear gurgling and sloshing sounds from the pipes and drains, and these can sometimes be heard from the plug holes and when the toilet is flushed
  5. Unpleasant smells start to come from the drain
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What should you do?

In case you notice any one or more of the above, most likely your drains are either blocked, or about to get blocked. You should take action immediately and call us to see to your problem before it becomes more serious. As a leading blocked drains specialist we have been operating in this line of business for over 10 years. So you may rest assured that we will be able to see to your blocked drains properly.

Why should you choose us as your specialist blocked drains plumber?

Here are some of the reasons why we should be your first choice as a blocked drains specialist.

  1. We are a dedicated and experienced team of plumbers
  2. We can offer you a quick service, guaranteeing that we will be at your house or premises within 1 hour from when you call us
  3. You will not have to worry about any hidden charges as we offer a flat rate
  4. Our prices are very affordable and competitive
  5. We have been offering blocked drains Canberra services for the past 10 years
  6. We are backed up by hundreds of loyal clients and positive reviews
  7. We make use of the best equipment and machines to address your blocked drains problem in the best possible manner
  8. We offer a guarantee on our services

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What will we do to solve your blocked drains problem?

Once you call us you can expect to see one of our team at your door in a matter of hours. We understand that our customers want to resolve their blocked drains problem as quickly as possible because blocked drains tend to cause a myriad of problems and inconveniences. We want you to get on with your life without having to worry about your blocked drains, and we also want to resolve your problem without allowing it to get any worse.

Our specialist blocked drains plumber will start by analysing your plumbing system so as to locate the blocked drain.

He will then try to clear the blockage by using a hydro plunger accompanied by the use of either an electric eel, or a high pressure water jetter. Our high pressure water jetters are the best on the market, expelling 30 litres of water every minute! With this kind of speed your blocked drains will be cleared in no time.

Blocked drains plumber

In some cases the plumber will also proceed with an acid treatment. This is generally carried out when the blockage is considerable or persistent. The drain will then be re-flushed, and in most cases the blockage will have subsided or been completely cleared.

In some cases there may be ulterior problems, such as a broken pipe. Should this be the case we will also be able to see to this by repairing or replacing the pipe.

We also offer the service of a specialised camera or locator. This is used in more serious cases when the cause of a drain blockage cannot be easily located or resolved.

So as you can see we are experienced and qualified to offer you the best possible blocked drain cleaning solutions. Feel free to get in touch for any additional information or to book our specialist services. We are here to help you!

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