Buying a house is, by far, the biggest purchase most individuals ever make and making certain the property is free from nasty and costly issues is critical. A pre-purchase drain survey can save you a lot of money long term and it covers things a regular survey won’t.

This is often called a pre-purchase drain survey and is a mandatory report for any future property purchase. A surveyor will not look into the drainage system unless something is very apparent and even then they will suggest getting a specialist in. Make sure you know everything about the house you are about to buy and make a survey appointment now on Drain Cleaning Canberra

What Does a Home Buyers Drain Survey Involve and Include?

Just like a normal RICS home buyers survey or a full building survey by a chartered surveyor, a drain survey is conducted to examine what is going on with a property’s drainage before the purchase. The aim is to provide the prospective buyer with as much detail as possible about the drainage system, and whether it is in good working order, or if there are any potential problems that could cost money later on.

During a survey we look for:

  • Damaged pipework
  • Tree root ingress
  • Backed up sewage
  • Leaks
  • Blocked Drains
  • Pipe collapses

The survey itself covers a number of areas of the property’s drainage, and not just looking at the drains from a damage-perspective. All the information in the home buyer drain survey can be used during the purchase process. For many people, it can have an effect on offer figures; for others, it is just useful to estimate what work will need to be done after the purchase.

Why Do I Need a Pre-purchase Drain Survey?

  • There are several reasons a home buyers survey is useful if not essential. The first reason is that it covers things your property survey does not. An inspection can identify many issues and examine many detailed areas, but they are unable to correctly assess the drains because they do not have the tools or knowledge. In addition, it is a service that isn’t included in home buyer reports on full building surveys. If you want to have complete information about a house you are about to buy, this survey is critical.
  • Identifying issues prior to purchase mean that they can be corrected by the owner or repaired or unblocked via an agreement that reduces the purchase price to cover repair costs. In many cases, the previous owner can get the work done under their own insurance. However, once you move into a house, the previous owner is rarely helpful or willing to cover the cost of repairs.
  • In some cases, mortgage lenders will actually ask for a drain survey before agreeing to the loan, so not only can it help with buying a house, but also for solicitors. Our reports are suitable for use in such a way and for solicitors.
  • As insurance companies are often not able to assess the drains, they may not cover them if a problem is discovered later. Other insurance companies may request a home buyer’s drain survey or offer better rates if one is performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m buying a property the surveyor recommended a CCTV Drainage Survey. Is it worth it?

Yes, we have been to many properties where buyers have discovered major drainage problems which a survey would have picked up on and could have possibly saved them a fortune.

What is a “look see” drainage survey?

This is a service we offer to those customers who do not want a full property drainage survey or report. It only examines one section of a property; no recordings are made and customers are present to see the condition of the property in person.

What do I get when I have a full survey?

We attend site and inspect all accessible drain runs, then provide a full Wincan report with pipe grading and pictures of any possible defects, we also provide a site layout suggestion and a quote for any repairs that may need to be done.

Is this survey just for homebuyers?

No, we carry out site surveys for homeowners, contractors, and businesses on a regular basis.